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Teacher Training Videos Free on-line training in using technology in teaching

Posted by Jeffrey Thomas on November 5, 2009

Just Click on any of the topics in the left hand menu

Russell Stannard Click on this simple intro to find out how to use the videos. These videos were created for teachers to help them to incorporate technology into their teaching. Just click and a video will open and take you through how to use that technology. To start now, just click on any of the links on the left. My own background is in teaching English, so if you scroll down you will see a special section of ELT videos which are grouped separately. There is also a special page of videos for students interested in multimedia, where you can learn Flash, Director and Photoshop Click here for Multimedia.

Teacher Training Videos wins Times Higher Award

Russell Stannard was awarded the Times Higher award for Oustanding Initiative in ICT sponsered by JISC. You can read about it in the following articles.
Academic gets THE award
JISC prize goes to Russell

ETP Professional

This month’s new videos

Because the article I wrote on Twitter has proved to be so popular. I am adding two special sets of videos that take you through all the key stuff you need to know to create and use Twitter effectively
Twitter in Depth
How to use Tweet Deck for Twitter

Two sets of great videos. One about creating Wikis with the revampled PBWiki tool called PBWorks. The second set is a full and fantastic set of HTML videos made by Mike Taylor. He does a really great job
Wikis with PB Works
Complete HTML course

If you want to know about how to make Scren Capture Recordings then this is just amazing. JING is the way to go. You can learn it in no time and be making screen captures just like the ones on this site.
JING-Amazing Screen Capture Tool

Another great tool that I have found is called “ScreenJelly” .This is screen recorder software that requires no software and just requires you to open a Twitter account
Screen Jelly – Screen Capture Tool

Word Press is a great tool if you want to make Websites and this set of videos goes through all the basics
All the basics for Word Press

Russell Stannard’s background

Russell Stannard is a principal lecturer in Multimedia/ICT at the University of Westminster as well as the course leader in the MSc in Interactive Multimedia . He has a regular column in the English Teaching Professional called Webwatcher where he writes about technology and language teaching. The column has been running for 7 years. The ELT Professional has begun to offer free on-line examples of Russell’s articles from Webwatcher.
He has worked in Spain, China, Greece and the UK and was the Director of Studies of the International House Centre in Seville Spain for 9 years and a teacher trainer with the Spanish government.

Russell also teaches on courses in ICT and English for Academic Purposes as well as running the Media and Technology module on the MA TESOL at the Unversity of Westminster.

Russell Stannard writes in the Guardian

The Guardian recently published an article about Russell’s work with training videos. You can read it at Guardian Article

Russell Stannard writes in the Times Higher

The THES article on video feedback, published in December 2006, which created so much interest in video feedback has now been released THES article on Video Feedback

Russell Stannard writes in Times Higher about Twitter

This article explains how Twitter can be a major academic and marketing tool. Article on Twitter

Russell Stannard writes in Times Higher about Social Networking

This article talks about how I have used Social Networking to expose my students to OER content on my website. Article on Social Networking

Teacher Training Videos launches Second Life Training Videos

Teacher Training Videos with the help of Nik Peachey. has now launched 2 sets of training videos to help teachers and students use Second Life. Many thanks to the The Consultants-E for the use of their Edunation island for filming. Find out more about their work The Consutants-E.

Russell Stannard uses Camtasia for Feedback and gets national press coverage

Russell’s work on using Screen Recorder Software for teaching and giving students feedback has been extensively covered in the national press (Guardian and THES) and has led to several publications looking at this work on student feedback. Read this report JISC London Region and find out more about the work Russell is doing. He work is now being covered by many Universities and institutions in the UK. Below, You can also look at these short example of videos of Russell providing video feedback to his students. A second and more extensive report has now been published by the Higher Education Academy. For previous as well as more recent articles look at Modern English English July 2006 (which was the first published article on the idea), IAFTEFL CALL Newsletter November 2006 and English Teaching Professional March 2008. Russell will be giving a keynote presentation on his work in Nagoya Japan in March 2008 ( see below for more information). The Times Higher Education has now released a very detailed article on video feedback which was first published back in December 2006 THES article on Video Feedback.
A new report with some of the latest research into video feedback has now been published in the Pilgrims Journal Humanising Language Teaching. The Wireless conference that took place in Nagoya Japan in April 2008 has also published its proceedings which included an article about video feedback. Wireless Conference April 2008.

A short example of given a student “Video feedback” on a one to one basis
Feedback on a student’s composition

An example of “General Class Feedback 1”
Classroom feedback

An example of giving “feedback” about the correct answer to a question.
Feedback on IWB Question

An example of how video can be used to go over an assessment piece.
Setting an assessment

What exactly can Screen Capture Software do?

People often ask me what exactly you can do with Camtasia ( that is the screen capture software I use to make the videos). I have made a quick and simple set of videos to give you some ideas. If you want to learn how to use it, then scroll down and you will see a section where you can get a copy of Camtasia and also access lots of learning videos about using it.
A demonstation of the power of Camtasia

HEA publishes Russell’s report on using Camtasia

Russell Stannard has recently had a second report on the Power of Camtasia published by the HEA. This includes lots of interactive videos that take you through some of the experiments that Russell has done with Screen Capture.
HEA report on uses of Camtasia.

You can also find a report on the use of camtasia for dylexic students and those with special needs Camtasia and special needs..

How can you make your own training videos?

Many people have asked me how I made all the learning videos that are on this site. I use a product called Camtasia. YOu can download the product here Download software from Techsmtihs. . There are even learning videos on how to use Camtasia. Just click Learning Videos for Camtasia.

Where is my blog?

Some people have asked me about my blog. I am afriad I don’t keep one quite simply because the blogs that Larry Ferlazzo and Nik Peachey write are far better than I could ever do. So I would rather recommend their blogs.
Larry Ferlazzo
Great blog with an amazing number of great links to quality ELT sites. I often use this site for my videos
Nik Peachey
Nik is great at finding really quirky and interesting sites. He knows a lot about virtual environments like Second Life.

Russell Stannard’s Latest Conferences

Russell Stannard lecturing in Beijing

Teacher Training Videos Website–take a look and see if it fits your needs!


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