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Typing is key to learning computer software #edchat #edtech

Posted by Jeffrey Thomas on April 7, 2010

I remember I had to take typing and wondering, just like all students do, when am I ever going to use this. My typing courses (2 years worth) were required for my business education degree. I knew it wasn’t going to help with my math degree and 2 years seemed like an awful lot of typing! Then, lo and behold, the PC was invented and I’ve never looked back. It pains me to see how some people interact with the keyboard. I wouldn’t want to work on a computer either if it took me 2 seconds to find each key! Alas, typing is a lost art for a lot of people. It used to be 90 wpm was considered pretty decent. Now, it’s down to about 45 wpm. I guess I’m glad I’ve got some “old school” left in me!


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